About Joel

imageJoel Mitchell grew up in Portland, Oregon. Having roots in Therapeutic Massage Therapy since 2008, his interest was peaked in the mind/body connection early on as he began to notice patterns in the way peoples bodies responded to touch and how it correlated to their current emotional state. His training in traditional massage therapy left him with little answers which led to an in depth study into the realm of the Bodyworkers where Fascia (connective tissue) science was changing the way Manual Therapists approach and understand the mind/body connection. This catapulted him into the study of his own relationship with the tension being held in his body and the art of letting it go. Having had a troubled childhood filled with multiple stays in the Juvenile Detention Centers, as well as surviving multiple cardiac arrests from chronic asthma attacks; understanding how this related to the restrictions in his body transformed his health and his relationships. This provided him with a better understanding of how to let go of old tension and how to keep new tension from staying in the body to allow for a more open and expressive lifestyle. He now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with his wife and three daughters (his most influential teachers) where he owns Renegade Bodywork with two locations in Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.