Treatment Programs & Pricing

Any and all of these options are available as a gift certificate


No obligation sessions:

Single 2-hour consultation with 90 minute hands-on treatment: $215

Single 1-hour Session: $150

Single 90-minute Session: $200

90-Minute Bodywork assisted stretching for Yoga Practitioners: $200 (limited availability) 

This therapy produces highly individual outcomes. However, patients who have engaged in the following programs have reported these generalized outcomes:

  • Relief from chronic pain conditions as well as acute injuries and stress related symptoms.
  • An ability to break the fight or flight cycle allowing for a clearer mind and deeper rest.
  • Access to new ranges of motion and movement expressions.
  • Relief from tension associated with holding patterns.
  • A return of fluidity in walking and other movements throughout their daily life.
  • A stronger connection to themselves/feeling more "in-tune" with their bodies and emotions related to their stress.
  • An ability to recognize thought patterns that directly correlate to how they hold and carry tension in their bodies, giving them a choice as to how they react on a primal level in modern stressful environments.
  • An ability to self-correct the body and stretch in a more intuitive fashion.
  • Skills to self-treat old tension as well as disrupt new tension from coming into the body, thus leading to more independence and reducing the need for the therapist. 

Many more outcomes are possible as the release of tension in the body can be a life changing experience with highly individual outcomes.

Monthly Commitment Treatment Plan:
(To be continued or discontinued at the end of each month based on your needs/goals. This plan is ideal for those dealing with acute pain, stress, discomfort, imbalances or those looking to increase deep tissue awareness)

$600/Month (4 weekly sessions) 4.5 treatment hours-
Includes 2 hour consultation/treatment with 90 minutes of hands-on therapy for the first month followed by a 1-hour session each week following.

Flexible scheduling available for a limited time.

1-3 Month In-Depth Treatment Programs
(These plans are recommended for those dealing with chronic pain conditions and/or long-term stress holdings and those seeking to take their current movement practices and body awareness/intuitive abilities to a deeper level)

Each month includes 8.5 treatment hours infused with therapeutic movement education. Sessions will typically be scheduled twice per week. 

Monthly: $1,100 - 2 Month: $2,000 - 3 Month: $2,850

Pre-paid packages are to be completed in the monthly time period. However, scheduling issues/emergency cancellations do tend to happen. With these things considered, remaining session will be accommodated for up to two weeks after the original treatment time period has ended.

The closer together the treatments are scheduled, the less likely the body will return to its old patterns. This allows you to "break through" to a new state of being in your body and can deeply change your physiology. 

Patients with Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions have more intensive options available.


For Scheduling/questions/phone consultations Call Joel Mitchell MFT, LMT, TMP at 850-630-5042 or use the contact tab provided.