What is it good for?

Just about every kind of dysfunction -physical/psychological/emotional as they are all related to one another. It is absolutely astonishing how necessary and vital this therapy is based on the variety of symptoms this work can relieve.  The hands-on aspect alone is a large missing link in our health care system. However, here is a list of potential outcomes based on multiple years of practice and monitoring results of patients.

Patients who have engaged in intensive treatment programs or have made this therapy a regular part of their lives have reported the following outcomes:

  • Relief from chronic pain conditions as well as acute injuries and stress related symptoms.
  • An ability to break the fight or flight cycle to allow for a clearer mind and deeper rest.
  • Access to new ranges of motion and movement expressions.
  • Relief from tension associated with holding patterns.
  • A return of fluidity in walking and other movements throughout their daily life.
  • A stronger connection to themselves/feeling more "in-tune" with their bodies and emotions related to their stress.
  • An ability to recognize thought patterns that directly correlate to how they hold and carry tension in their bodies, giving them a choice as to how they react on a primal level in modern stressful environments.
  • An ability to self-correct the body and stretch in a more intuitive fashion.
  • Skills to self-treat old tension as well as disrupt new tension from coming into the body, thus leading to more independence and reducing the need for the therapist. 

Many more outcomes are possible as the release of tension in the body can be a life changing experience with highly individual outcomes.